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Bluenotes is a retail clothing store which mainly sells its own brand name clothing. Styles are mostly skate and prep, and they make their clothing compete with name brands and in my opinion, I think they are equal to and/or surpass many of these name brands (Quiksilver, Hurley, even AE or Hollister).
Bluenotes jeans are the bomb, and their shirts/polos kick ass
by clothes guy August 09, 2007
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Store with over 100 Canadian locations, formaly owned by American Eagle. It makes its own jeans, but shirts, socks, bags, pants, ect are almost always other brands. It's clothes are often "skater"/"punk" appealing, but "prep"s and lots of others can be seen sporting there stuff, especaily jeans which are recognisable by the leather-like tag that most jeans have, but is about 1/3 as fat.
Ashley:Wow,those jeans are hella tight
Jodi:thanks, I picked them up at Bluenotes
by Devin MacDonald March 29, 2005
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