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The russian blue leader of ThunderClan. She can be found in the books "Into The Wild," "Fire and Ice," Forest of Secrets," "Rising Storm," and dies in "Dangerous Path."
BlueStar was glad to take Rusty into Thunder Clan, for they needed warriors.
by StrawberryStar December 10, 2017
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Another word for the little pill known as ecstasy.
"Hey, what drugs you got over there?"

"Some blue star, you want?"
by ArtemisTheThird January 01, 2010
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(n) A wide-spread and long-lived ridiculous scare during the 1980s and 1990s about LSD laced tattoos using a blue star design. Supposedly temporary tattoos were handed out to unsuspecting middle school students during recess. The tattoos were said to leach LSD through the skin. Dozens of law enforcement agencies and health departments, starting with the New Jersey Police Department Narcotics Bureau in 1980, have issued warnings about this “blotter acid” -- none of which is remotely true. Over the years scores of different flyers have been handed out to local PTAs throughout the country, often produced at home by scared but well-meaning and clueless parents, asserting that LSD tattoos bearing the designs of Mickey Mouse (as Sorcerers Apprentice), butterflies, clowns, red pyramids, colored microdots, and even Bart Simpson, were making the rounds of local school yards. Law enforcement and health agencies now know the information was untrue, but the hoax still is recycled on use-net groups.
Ironic blow-back:

Many professional tatoo artists report that a favorite request is for blue star tattoos.
by Bill Peters November 11, 2006
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a type of Ecstasy pill; blue stars are a certain MG
yER0 maynnn; wheRe daaa staRsss atttt?!

which oness ?

daa blue stars niiiiiggehhh ;

by dANiEllA dE dElAWARE; October 09, 2009
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A Blue Star is the act of wrapping elastic bands (preferably using heavy-duty industrial sized elastics) around ones penis and testicals tight enough for the testicals to turns blue. Then the testicals are inserted in a female or male's (depending on preference) anus (brown star).

Great for use use during marathon sex sessions when the male (giver) can no longer achieve an erection and anal intercourse is desired. Or in cases where someone has an extremely small penis and anal intercourse is desired, where the female or male (receiver) can not achieve desire from the other partner's penis due to its size.

User warning ... prolonged use can created permanent blue balls or even worse dead balls.
My home-boy Johnny Z. was macking this fat mexican bitch for about six hours and she just kept wanting more and more of his good thing. My muthafucka couldn't get it up anymore so he blue-starred taco-eating bitch.

Johnny eyed up a bunch of ugly Indian bitches and said to his buddies, "Hey what do I care my dick doesn't have eyes. I'll blue star them whores."
by Redhope June 30, 2006
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