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Bluestar is from the warriors series. She is the leader of Thunderclan. ( one of the four clans ) She is brave, kind, and strong.
Bluestar appointed Deputy to Fireheart in one of the warrior books.
by MoltenClaw April 13, 2018
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Bluestars past has always been sad. While being a warrior ( Bluefur ) she betrayed the warrior code and had kits with oakheart, a Riverclan warrior. She had to give up her 3 kits to him and one died in the freezing cold. She was heartbroken and she would one day meet her kits on the battlefield. She later fulfilled her prophecy Starclan gave her, and became Bluestar, Leader of the Thunderclan cats.
Bluestars past is heartbreaking.
by MoltenClaw April 13, 2018
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After being Defeating the evil Shadowclan leader, firepaw became a warrior. His warrior name is Fireheart now.
Bluestar: Firepaw now you shall be known as Fireheart.
by MoltenClaw April 13, 2018
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In FNaF FFPS ( Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria Simulator ) Lefty is a shadow version of Rockstar Freddy and an antagonist in the final game. He is related to two other animatronics, he is related to shadow Freddy, but more of related to Nightmare because they both have a puppet in them and their both a shadow.
In FNaF Lefty is kind of hard to beat in a night because of his similiarity to Nightmare.
by MoltenClaw April 13, 2018
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Nightmare is an antagonist in Five Night’s at Freddy’s 4. He is a shadow of death itself. He is also a hidden character in the game only found in night 6.
In FNaF Nightmare appears.
Guy 1: OMG it’s Nightmare!
Guy 2: Oh no! Look out!
*Death Screen Appears*
by MoltenClaw April 13, 2018
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