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A Dull blue she-Cat with a silver tippet tail and muzzle from Warrior cats.

Read the books- they are quite cool.

She had only one Mate; Oakheart, whom she lived with in starclan in the current timeline.

She killed one of her kits- or more likely risked the life of the kit, Mosskit, yet they died of hypothermia anyways-

She had done an outside clan relationship, yet gave away her kits rather then finding a better solution.

Leafpool 2.0? Probably.

Her sister Snowfur Died due too getting hit/driven over by a car.

She passed her leadership to fireheart whom was then named Firestar

She is now in starclan with her mate and kit(s)

(Ive only memorized mistystar and mosskit's name- maybe the other one's name was rockpelt?)

Person1: bluestar's death was so sad..

Person2: IKR? It left me in tears..
by .- Cat Program -. May 25, 2021
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