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Blue Black A sort of electric blue tone that occurs when a skin pigment has gone beyond black. Blue black is very black indeed.
My new boss is a blue black negro whose hair looks like a toilet brush with the bristles shaved down to the roots. His teeth appear yellow not because he doesn't clean them but because excess pigment is oozing from his colour glands and creating a yellowish tinge. Oh he's black. So black he's bluer than a big black fly with dirty hairy legs. He's black alright. All teeth and eyes in the dark and when he drives past in his big black BM it's like there's no driver. He just melts into the dark interior like a ghost. I for one have never seen a greater example of intense, almost willed blackness in all my life. It's as if he were scrunching up his eyes and tensing every muscle in his body to get blacker. It's as if he likes it. When black becomes blue there's nothing you can do. He's so stuck with it. Sometimes, when I sit in the office and he's talking in his blue black baritone I get the feeling he's spreading like an oil slick. Like he's leaking black. As if his density is pulling the whole world into him. Like we'll all be sucked into the blackness like sinners into hell. Blacker than ripe moorland berries. Blacker than a whole deck of spades. Blacker than a railway tunnel at midnight. Blacker than the spaces between the stars. God he's black. But that's ok because I'm not a racist (see above).
by Norris P McWhirter February 15, 2009
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