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when someone feels they have no gender. agender people may often use they/them pronouns, but not always. please be respectful of the persons pronouns :)
person a: i'm agender! i don't identity with any gender!
person b: oh thats cool! what are your pronouns?
person a: they/them! thank you for asking!
by hermione.granger.tf October 31, 2021
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The most suicidal yet funny generation. Gen Z’s sense of humor is also one of the most messed up in history. Gen Z is afraid of bugs but will bodyslam a racist cop.
Meme : JUAN (picture of a horse on a balcony)
by hermione.granger.tf December 30, 2021
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feeling achieved or appreciated when receiving praise in school. while it can be a good motivator, constantly seeking academic validation can become a problem mentally. this can lead to purposefully overworking yourself to feel that adrenaline rush that comes with good marks.
Mom: Why are your grades so bad?
Me: Because I seek academic validation to the point where if I can't do it perfectly the first time then there's no use in trying at all.
by hermione.granger.tf December 9, 2021
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the dress is indeed blue and black. if you see different, your wrong :)
there is a picture of a dress going around the internet. some see gold and white, others claim they see black and blue.
"Hey! do you see white and gold on the dress?"
Me: "NO. I see a blue and black dress.
by hermione.granger.tf September 24, 2020
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Literal Hell.
You cant get work done, and then you feel guilty about it, but still cant bring yourself to do the task.
People consistently use the term incorrectly.
Most people with A.D.D. choose to take medication, while some dont.
Girl : "OMG i soo have A.D.D. i can never focus in Mr. Jones math class"
Me, someone with A.D.D.
"bitch no. you don't have A.D.D. you just have a boring math class."
by hermione.granger.tf September 24, 2020
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