an absolutely devastating phanfiction which has the characters of dan howell and phil lester, who are youtubers, about the two of them meeting in a orphanage and having a complicated love once they are adopted together.
examples of people quoting it are:
"So stay gold, Darling."
"Somewhere a bluebird was singing all the songs tomorrow forgot, all the songs tomorrow would bring."
"The Dan with the curly hair was gone, and it felt like Phil missed him so much."
"Our love is cosmic, darling.
"And you know what? I'm doing okay. So stay gold, Darling. I'll see you in Terabithia. Love you, Dan x"
by insert pen name October 08, 2018
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mostly used to describe a perfect, cloudless bright blue sky and plentiful sunshine. Especially in snowboarding conditions.
check out that sky man, it's total bluebird! my favorite to shred to!
by danny tanner May 17, 2006
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A North American cavity-nesting thrush of the genus Sialia, characterized by blue plumage.
I wish house sparrows wouldn't take over the bluebird house.
by Korora December 01, 2003
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