when you baby just died of cot death, ya wife left ya, you mom and dad died in a fire at their house, you hooked on coke and you've just been mugged, and you got a pain in the balls, you've just been stabbed, and it drives ya to pick up a guitar and learn to play the blues, but you realise you ain't got enough doe to buy a guitar, and the rent man is thinking of kickin you out. when you do finally get a guitar and learn to play it real well you get electrocuted and die cause you had a dodgy amp. then the devil grabs you keeps you in hell for eternity.
he he now thats blues.
by paul hinton May 03, 2006
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Maybe one of the most misheard songs ever
Did you hear that song 'Blue?'
Yeah, it goes like 'Im blue and in need of a guy'
Oh, I thought it went 'Im blue, if were green I would die'
by dabadeedabadaiy January 04, 2011
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a. In the earlist 20th century, this southern music borrowed harmonic and structural devices and vocal techniques form work songs and spirituals.

b. This music only needs a single voice accompanied by one or more instruments.
I hate to see the evening sun go down.
I hate to see that evening sun go down.
'Cause my baby, he done left this town.
by Kimberly Vaught July 08, 2004
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music brought down by god to the people sufferin in the mississippi delta, play it the hell you like its all about expression and bringing your feelings to the listener,and creating atmosphere.
just lookin through my ol blues records

ole Muddy back in the day was **** hot, ya know

oh really I just got this stevie ray record that lil white kid from austin can play.
by Paul john hinton September 13, 2005
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Street name for the drug Roxicontin/Roxycodone used because they are small blue pills usually costing anywhere from $10-15.
Hey man i got a friend who wants some blues you got 30 for $300?
by LadyJay January 05, 2010
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1. A colour.
2. The feeling of being down or miserable
3. In some regions, describes one's sexual preference - in this case, that one prefers guys.
1. 'The sky is blue'
2. 'You alright? You look a bit blue.'
3. 'So, are you pink, purple or blue?
by EmptyMask October 26, 2006
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