An exclamation used to express the frustration that occurs when you need to repeat yourself many times over.
Derived from the video game Brain Age, in which during one of the activities it had trouble with voice recognition.
Subject A: So, I found a $20 bill on the ground yesterday, right outside my house.
Subject B: What?
Subject A: I found $20 yesterday.
Subject B: What?
Subject A: A $20 dollar bill, I found one yesterday!!
Subject B: A 20 what?
Subject A: Blue! BLUE!!!!!!
by Dominic F October 22, 2007
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(adj) London slang, extreme compliment, meaning enchanting or bewitching, description of a girl (usually blonde), whose beauty is so iridescent it suffuses all around her with a feeling of love and peace; girl with inner beauty radiated to those around her,
"Wow, that girl is soooo blue!"
by Petruchio April 28, 2008
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An umpire (in baseball), referring to the uniform color.
"Good call blue. Got it right for once."
by erotica69 September 16, 2005
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Eiffel 65's song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)," that was released in 1999, is a popular Eurodance song which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, and reached #1 in 17 countries

Wow! I love the song, Blue, by Eiffel 65!!
by imamylee93 March 27, 2009
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Street name for the drug Roxicontin/Roxycodone used because they are small blue pills usually costing anywhere from $10-15.
Hey man i got a friend who wants some blues you got 30 for $300?
by LadyJay January 05, 2010
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Nickname given to Joesph Palasky in the movie old school. Blue is played by actor Patrick Cranshaw (1919 -2006) who in the movie dies of a imminent heart attack from overexcitement just before he was to wrestle two topless girls.
-Will Ferrell Old School
by dinizo017 February 18, 2010
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the other flavor of slurpee besides cherry of course
X3N0-i'm going to go get a slurpee...want one?

Asylum-yea get me a blue
by Asylum March 01, 2005
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