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The absolutely disgusting and putrid phenomena in which the stagnating blue liquid from a porta-potty splashes up into the butthole after dropping a fat one. Usually, the porta-potty has minimal fecal matter in the bottom, allowing for maximum splash potential. This many times occurs on construction sites after eating subway or any form of mexican food for lunch. Purell hand sanitizer is often placed on the bare hand and rubbed throughout the ass crack and lower thighs to clean the "burn" zone. There are degrees of blue burn:

First Degree Blue Burn - Goes inside the sphicter
Second Degree Blue Burn- Goes in the ass crack
Third Degree Blue Burn - Goes on the legs and butt
OMFG! Second degree blue burned again! Why did I order extra sour cream in my burrito? I'm gonna have to hand sanitizer my ass hole!
by slothbone4 March 29, 2014
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