"There's a bluebird on my shoulder, can I kill it?"
by DA-BAY August 4, 2005
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Similar to Blue Balls, it is the painful feeling when a good tweet is halfway done and suddenly all inspiration is lost
Person 1:#AnnoyingThingsPeopleSay was trending the other day and I almost had the best tweet, but I completely forgot how to finish it. It was the worst Blue Bird
Person 2: How bad did it hurt?
by tweet38271 September 16, 2011
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Sunny skies on the slopes, ideal for any boarder
Bangin blue bird day at the ski park
by 530snow December 11, 2008
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a term in Florida prison systems, referring to the bus that transers inmates from place to place.
i hate riding on the blue bird, its so uncomfortable
the blue bird coming for a pick up tomorrow morning
by mills5150 May 31, 2013
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People who seem to appreciate video game characters who are blue birds. Those characters share many traits like narcissism, arrogance and being pretentious. People that enjoy one of these characters often seem to enjoy many of them. Blue birds are characters such as: Revali from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Falco from the Star Fox serie and Birdley from Deltarune
Person A: Hey! What are your favorite video game characters?
Person B: I appreciate Revali from Breath of the Wild and Berdly from Dertarune.
Person A: Wow! I am a blue bird enjoyer too!
by normal_hehe June 30, 2023
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