when u get a male horny and don't allow him to bust you just make him so horny by rubbing his balls or dick then leaving him without ejaculating
My boyfriend refused to buy me dinner, so later that night i rubbed him and did a couple up downs and gave him the worst blue balls ever. i turned him on so much he was never harder but i never let him bust.
by bitchychicky December 16, 2007
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A condition in males characterized by:

1) a bluish or purplish coloration of a guy's ballbag caused by the settling of blood in the veins in the scrotum, and...

2) sensitivity in the groin area that can range from very erotic to extreme pain.

Blue balls result from repeated stimulation of one's cock for a period of time without getting to orgasm / ejaculation.

Examples include repeatedly jerking off up to the point where one needs to cum; repeatedly receiving head or getting hand jobs from a partner but not cumming. Seriously kissing and fooling around with a (str8 or gay) partner over an extended period of time.
1) I stroked my dick for three hours while watching porn and got blue balls till I hurt so bad I just had to jack off.

2) After a couple hours of deep kissing, playing with her tits, her sucking my cock and me finger-fucking her ass, I had blue balls bad. She looked at me, chuckled and said, "Let me suck you off so you get some relief."
by stsebastian November 16, 2009
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When my boy friend ahs been cheating one me when has no clue i know. And i blow him so fuckin hard, then stop and say "Oh what the fuck ... whos name did you just say... you fuckin asshole !" Then after the fact he gets the worst pain he will ever fell in his entire life of living.
by ChinyDink July 08, 2004
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All tease and no please. Your balls ache like semi ran them over after hours of having an erection without an orgasm.
We've been fooling around all night and I came on UD to make sure I had blueballs. Ahh! Thay ache like a mofo
by ScandoMan May 16, 2009
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when you are partially through some type of sexual act and your girl cant finish the job. or if you just had a dry hump and u were able to hold in jizzing your pants.
i had the worst case of blue balls last night cause my girl was blowing me last , but got tired and couldn't finish the job.
by kingpin March 29, 2003
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blue balls is a form of power over men for women. when a woman feels that a man is not giving her the respect she deserves, that he has a small dick or is unattractive, that she wants revenge for whatever reason or is angry at the man, she will sexually arouse the man, but not give him the satisfaction of ejaculation. after a long time, this creates intense pain in his balls, and the woman can feel the sweet, sweet joy of power that women, in our culture, seldom feel over men.
"He was being an asshole and telling me that I would be a great notch in his belt. So I gave him blue balls... that should teach him to talk to women right!"
"Yeeaaah, girl!"

"He told me that he liked me best when I didn't talk, then said, 'Let's fuck.' He was small, too; why would I want to fuck that? I gave him blue balls instead. Haha selfish bastard."
by pakmafafmr April 08, 2009
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