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1. A ball (usually used in the children's game of Kickball) that is blue.
2. A small town in Pennsylvania.
3. A hypothermic male's testicle.
4. The unpleasent feeling in a male's testicular region that results from euphoric sexual arousal that was cut tragically short before the male reaches an orgasm. The pain that results is dull and can last for up to 24 hours, and is comparable to getting ball-tapped for an entire day.
1. Billy and Jane went to play Kickball in the field with their new blue ball.
2. Amos and Jebediah live on a farm in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania.
3. The only thing the man who was buried in an avalanche could think of was his blue ball.
4. That silly, foolish girl didn't know that if she's selfish and doesn't give me an orgasm, I'll get a case of Blue Ball.
by Bert Murray February 15, 2006

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