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I spent the best part of 2 hours Blucking this lass.
When you're down Blucking a bit of snatch, lift her legs right up and put her knees towards her ears..

With your hands on her arse cheeks, you can rock her back and forth on the bed and can slip a cheeky rim in there whilst doing so.. pressure on her arse cheeks opens her up for better tongue access..

It's a sure fire winner.. and if you're with a relatively new bird.. it's a cheeky little tester to see if she's game for that kind of schnizzle...
by Wobblybob July 29, 2010
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A combination of sexual activity and oral sex. Also, fucking and a blow job. The guys dick pierces through the entire being of the girls body, that it goes through her throat and out her mouth. Can usually happen only once, as Blucking can damage the body
Boy: i almost sent her to the hospital cause we were Blucking so hard last night.

Boy: tryna bluck?
Girl: what's that?
Boy: fuck n blowjob
Girl: I don't suck Dick
Boy: fu q
by honeydawg May 30, 2016
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