Used to describe a night out either before going out or the morning after, usually when events of great hilarity are anticipated or have occured. Not to be confused with setting off explosives.
Male 1 - Hey bro, you coming out tonight?

Male 2 - Nah man. I've got no money.

Male 1 - Well I've got a whole bottle of vodka so I'm pretty sure I'll be blowing shit up tonight.

Male 2 - Fuck it, I'll be 10 minutes.

Male 1 - Rough night last night.

Male 2 - Yeah man, I feel like dick.

Male 1 - Do you remember getting naked and trying to take a shit on a roundabout?

Male 2 - Shit man, I have no idea. Really?

Male 1 - Yeah, I took a photo. We really blew shit up last night.

Male 2 - Awesome. Where did all these roadsigns come from?
by Rossoun April 16, 2010
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black people make up their own language due to their inability to speak an existing one.
by Johnny Rebel May 23, 2004
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a term referring to that you will kick the other one's ass/beat them up.
"I'm gon kick yo ass!/I'll blow yo shit up on spot!"
by Lynn November 15, 2003
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