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A cross between the vagina names Billy and Clout.
You should see my girlfriends blout.. It's a beauty.
by SamNewman August 12, 2008
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sending two texts in a row without a reply inbetween.
Rachel: whats up?
Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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When you listen to SpiceGurlPurp and you're a Blood AND you have clout but you replace the C with a B
Damn spicegurlpurp has so much Blout
by Bloutlord April 19, 2018
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When you're smoking and you hit the blunt really hard, mostly known from the Artist G-Eazy who references this in his songs and in conversations.
Friend 1: Bro I gotta blout dude.
Friend 2: Yoooooo, let's blout bro.
by lil blackbear June 03, 2018
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Means to have power plus your calm and cool. A synynom for this word is clout
You have so much more blout then me
by BloutGod101 September 13, 2018
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The feeling you have after smoking some strong shit.
I was so "blout" after I smoked that sticky icky purp Dan had last week.
by Ruf Dog February 10, 2006
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It's for when you don't have time to pronounce the specific action of 'blowing' something 'out'. To 'blout'.
When you're in a rush and you're asking the person next to you if you should blow out the candle, you say "should I BLOUT the candle?"
by Tobabby August 29, 2009
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