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Placing one's fist into another's rectum (also known as fisting) and then proceeding to fanning open the hand and fingers, creating a blooming onion-like appearance.
I gave Kirk a blooming onion after he passed out.
by Taylor, B October 29, 2005
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A woman's genitalia that hasn't been properly cleansed over the course of a week to month. In order to be a blooming onion, this vagina has to have an odor that burns a man, or woman's, eyes as they approach for oral intercourse. When spreading the vaginal lips apart, one must cry from the odor, else the genitalia isn't a proper blooming onion.
Evan was so drunk last night, he licked a prostitute's blooming onion. He woke up this morning with a hangover, a bad taste in his mouth, and crazy red eyes from crying all night long!
by Mr. Booze May 13, 2010
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When you insert your closed fingers in a cone shape into the rectum then spread your fingers open you get the "blooming onion"
"Ohh baby just like that! I love it when you give me the blooming onion!"
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by Chateau64 June 18, 2018
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When a person clusters their fingers together and inserts their clustered fingers into another person's vagina, similar to the snug. Once the entire hand is inserted up to the wrist bone, the person fans their fingers out in all directions, simulating a blooming onion served at a fine Australian steakhouse.
Myrtle loves getting fisted, so as a special surprise Otis gave her the blooming onion and she squealed in pleasure and in pain.
by Wr3ench3d July 02, 2017
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The used and abused asshole of a slut job whore.
"Man, when she took of her dress and asked me to fuck her in the bum, my eyes popped out when I saw that blooming onion staring at me."
by Jtron 3000 September 08, 2003
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When you train your anal gum slut is trained well enough and gapes freely after where her as a pink sock puppet, and her asshole blossoms into a prolapsed mess resulting in the shape of a blooming rose hence the Blooming Onion.
RyRy had these hoe's so coked up that they let him try on their pink socks until they proudly showcased their "Blooming Onion's".
by Benny Fyttz 414 May 15, 2018
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