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A city in Michigan where drugs, sex, alcohol, and general superficiality are a vital part of reality. Where you can charge a slice of pizza on plastic, go to Somerset on weekends, Old Woodward, Bham, and the Palladium (overcrowded with middle schoolers in the summer), Shops at the Top, a bar on every corner(hookah), sixth graders with cells, and private school rivals (+ the public schools that hate them all). Houses that wrap around an entire street. Where there are more country clubs than banks, and porche driving soccer moms popping their collars, and no one gives a shit about the West Coast (even though a winter home is nice). 16 yr olds get mustangs for their first cars and our addiction is popularity. The girls for the most part are pretty bitchy, but hot. Everyone has a northface at age 5...located in oakland county- THE REAL OC BITCHESS, designer anything is the way to go
i like your range rover, youre a bloomfield hills kid huh?
by doobies4u November 17, 2005
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Richest city in Michigan... richest in country outside of Florida and California. (often referred to as a new money Grosse Pointe) Neighboring the much less classier Birmingham, Bloomfield hills possibly inspires the most resent and jealously when told that you live there out of any other city in Michigan, but hey, with an average income of over $200,000, its not that hard to understand. It is no big deal to see a lambo or porsche cruising down the street... with a 16 year old driver. Basically, Bloomfield Hills is what makes Oakland Country the real OC
Person X- "Hey where do you live?"
Person Y- "in Bloomfield Hills"
Person X- "you rich fuck" *walks away in jealousy and resent*

by k00lb34ns420[48 November 29, 2007
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located in Oakland and probably the richest city in Michigan, and one of the top in the country. soon to be #1 on a new list. most foreclosures
by idkmybffjill1 April 23, 2009
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The place in southeast Michigan that is a combination of busy roads, strip malls, gyms, gyms in strip malls, trees, big houses, and schools. It isn't as cool as Birmingham bc it doesn't have a downtown at all. It's kind of diverse, but that's coming from a kid from northern non-Chicago area Illinois. Nobody brags about living here. Everyone has an SUV. Everyone has a Juul. I live by the Leo's that nobody goes to. There are lots of old people. most high school students eventually just give up and go to Grand Valley State bc it's easy to get in.
"Oh Bloomfield Hills. Isn't that by Birmingham?"
by Rich Homie 27 January 22, 2018
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