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A Bloomer is someone with a bright outlook on life who is optimistic in nature. Bloomer's frolic in every opportunity to be happy and try to make the most out of life. The opposite of a Bloomer is a Doomer. The term Bloomer originated specifically as a counter to the Doomer on sites especially like 4Chan.
"After getting married he became a Bloomer."
by Le Cringe February 27, 2019
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Athletic underpants worn by cheerleaders (and others, such as dancers and tennis players) underneath their skirts to cover their panties. Bloomers come in a wide variety of colors to match the rest of the uniform. They usually come in one of two styles--regular briefs (with a high-cut leg opening) or boy-cut briefs. Some cheer squads like to show their spirit by wearing sparkly bloomers or bloomers with some type of logo imprinted on the butt. Bloomers are also called spankies, lolipops, briefs, or tights.
As the cheerleader leaned over to pick up her pom-poms, she accidentally flashed her bloomers to the crowd.
by Dana G. March 28, 2006
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A man's penis that is small when flaccid but increases greatly in size when he gets an erection. This is usually large increase in relation to the flaccid size. A man with a flaccid penis of 3 inches may easily end up with an erect size of 6-8 inches.
I may seem small now, but I'm a bloomer. Watch my flower grow.
by Orgy doctor August 20, 2007
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The same girl stuck wearing those dead jellyfish also wears bloomers with floral designs on them.
by Shawn B. April 14, 2003
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a variation on the whole shaped bread product. often over sized bread rolls, breadcakes or baps. Or an undersized loaf. British use mainly.
"go to the bakers and get a couple of bloomers"
by ghostly wanderer January 15, 2008
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a loaf of white bread. we sell it in 2 sizes, large and small. large one costs 95p and doesn't fit in the fucking bread bags.
A) how much is the large bloomer?
B) Read the fucking sign with the bread prices on
A) oh, i'll have that sliced please
B) its too fuckin big
by wonderfool December 01, 2003
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