to blow your load or splooge everywhere on a designated target.

Part of the Stug vocabulary.

Was first used during an intoxicated aim convorsation.

DUDE! I just hella blooged in her hair. So dirty!
by Stug Master Wilhelm June 06, 2007
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1. adj - Of low quality; undesirable
2. interj - Expression of disdain or disagreement.
1. "This Wii version of Call of Duty is blooge."
1a. "My smoothie tastes blooge."
2. Person A - "We were supposed to go to Red Lobster, but instead we're going to Long John Silvers because I didn't get my check yet." Person B - "Blooge."
2a. - Person A - "Its such a nice day out, don't you want to mow the lawn, dear?" Person B - "Blooge."
2b. - "Blooge, I got a sweater for Christmas...again."
by Jukey23 March 13, 2010
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