The color of the crimson blood when someone bleeds, or you yourself bleeds, or just plain out any type of red blood. By far the best color ever.
Macy: OW, WTF DUDE! you got blood on my sweater!!!
Daniel: But that blood red color matches your eyes
Macy: You are soo right!
by Pmaxm January 28, 2009
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A song on the album "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3" by Coheed and Cambria.
From the POV of Claudio & Jesse.

Ambellina directed Claudio to meet with his 'uncle', Jesse, the man he saw in his visions and who is in charge of man's side of the Man and Prise's pact (Man watches the Mages, the Prise watches for God). The "faint white figures" are the visions that Claudio's having, and he's still somewhat confused. I'm guessing Ambellina couldn't explain to Claudio everything that went into the IRO-Bots, but Jesse would be better able to explain it all. The lyrics go back and forth between Jesse and Claudio (the song isn't just from one point of view, "I," in one case could be Claudio, and in another, Jesse. Also, the "sub-lyrics" aren't all Claudio, or all Jesse). The point of view switches back and forth with the main lyrics and the sub ones. Claudio doesn't want to accept what's become his destiny, he is the reluctant hero. Jesse tells him he doesn't need to follow through, that everything could end. Claudio's question to Jesse is similar to this (we're talking about the one where Jesse replies "When the answer that you want is in the question that you state, come what may"). I'm guessing Jesse says to Claudio that he can't tell him everything (a child in keeping secrets from). The "so destined I am to walk among the dark" must mean that Claudio can't just wander freely anymore as if his identity is revealed, he'll be sought for by Mayo and Wilhelm, so everything has to be done in secret or under a sort of alias. The song ends with Claudio basically wishing he never had to deal with this responsibility.
Blood Red Summer is the sixth track on IKSSE:3
by Katy H April 03, 2007
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A grunge slash punk slash garage band.From brighton Laura-mary and stephen are a band with nice drums and good guitar.they hate being called indie and their myspace friends are the maccabees and foals.their name is taken from the story of Hollywood actress and singer Ginger Rogers, who had to re-shoot a dance sequence so many times that her feet bled profusely and dyed her white shoes red
"Blood Red Shoes were well good last night at the festival"
by I heart milo vetimigla November 17, 2007
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A Blood Red Sky
Also known as, ABRS.
A next-to-nothing Maryland band. Formed by the scraps of In Dying Arms. They're all cocky as fuck, and really shouldnt be.
They are master auto-tuners, with a vocalist that is the biggest(literally)

douche you will ever meet. His name is Mikey "thunder thighs" Stevens. His voice makes you want to cover your ears in pain. Also,
they have 1 beefy guitarist, and a huge bassist who looks deformed. The

frizzy-haired drummer seems to like to use out-of-tune drums. He's been drumming for the long time of 15 months, and his skill level is very much consistent with his experience. Overall, ABRS is THE WORST hand-me-down "band" ever.
That band sucked. What an A Blood Red Sky.
by mlerj November 03, 2009
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(n.) a way to express the darker side of someone

Named after Clifford the Big Red Dog's hood personality.
I lost it when Jeff told me he forgot the wine bottler. I went all Clifford the Blood Red Dawg.
by nolandc September 15, 2019
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To have an over sexual mind set. Red-Blooded people view the opposite sex as eye candy at all times, often viewing them up and down, often making their own personal rating for how sexually attractive the person is.

they later beat their cock continuously to the memory of the earlier viewed person.

red-bloods can be of either sex, though males are more abundant.
red-blood 1: so what would you rate that girl over there at the bar?

red-blood 2: id give her a 7...but ashe has some nice her an 8 tops.

red-blood 1: haha same here man. we are so red-blooded ^_^
by Mr. Schaaf June 07, 2007
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The cosplay to defy reality. Requires the bodies of hundreds beneath the feet of the mistress to be soaked in the blood of the defiled. Only when a spirit truly obtains a post apocalyptic world can this feat be achieved for a never ending feel of tranquility
In the apocalyptic world the red blood queen will rise
by Red Blood Queen Servant December 16, 2016
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