(n) /bloob/
In its simplest from, it means a "blue boob".

These are most notably found in the movie Avatar.
"I totally saw Neytiri's bloob!!!" - Audience member of Avatar

Another form of the word would be "Bloobage" as in "The chief's daughter had totally awesome Bloobage"
by _Peir0h_ December 25, 2009
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Indicating large boobs. The 'L' is added to indicate the word large.
I want a facefull of those Bloobs.
by Joh Beatty September 29, 2006
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Bloob - 1) when a human woman's breast is censored, blurred out yet you're able to make out the silhouette still, no areola definition visible

other forms (bloobs, bloobage, blooby)
I liked the bloob selection in the rated R movie made for basic cable .
by Scrumptrulescent March 22, 2016
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Sarah: My boob hurts...
Bob: Which one is it?
Sarah: The left one...
Bob: Ah, you should have said, "my bloob hurts."
Sarah: Wow, that makes it so much clearer!
by itomato June 06, 2010
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1.A device, normally a water balloon, that is filled and placed in a bra or a similar carrying device. Then worn in drag to resemble large breasts. Normally resulting in them popping sometime during the wearing period causing more laughter directed at the now deflated and wet wearer.

2.A badly done breast augmentation surgery which made the breasts unnaturally massive, stiff, gave an unnatural iridescent like sheen, and/or a tendency to deflate or burst if not protected.
Dude, my bloob popped when I tried to put them on!

Baloon boobs? No there BLOOBS!

Female pro-wrestlers normally have bloobs.
by aDrunkDriver209th May 07, 2009
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1) anything you want it to be; just a word
2) common uses:
another word for "fuck" (see ex. 2)
Big Boobs (3)
Look at that bloober.
YOu just bloobered up my bloobering paper, you bloobering tardfuck!
I'd love to massage those bloobers.
by 747MG March 08, 2007
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