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A group of dumb blonde stereotypes who are the school's alfa pack. They enjoy tasteless gossip, following trends, and overpriced clothing. They are the first girls to be openly liked by popular guys, but not the first to get boyfriends, because the people who actually get boyfriends aren't superficial jerks, and have emotions other than snake. They have 6-year-old mentalities and insults, such as the well known "I'm not gonna invite you to my birthday party!" and the infamous "I'm telling!" (even if they are at fault). The Blonde-squad frowns upon outsiders, nerds, rebels, and non-trend-followers like me. They are sassy, but mean sassy, not fun sassy. When given an irrefutable retort, they will respond with an embarrassed "whatever." and then stalk away with their troupe in tow. this makes them think they won, when in reality the retort-giver is the obvious winner. To this day, no one knows why they are so popular, because the whole school hates them.

THE squad, Squad A, the Plastics, Populars, you get the drill...
blonde-squad girl: (in class) how do you spell wood?
me: (stares in disbelief ) I'm sorry, what?!
blonde-squad girl: Oh my gosh, are that stupid? I asked how you spell wood!
me: (gives up all hope on America) W-O-O-D.
blonde-squad girl: I knew you weren't dumb!
me: (under my breath) can't say i feel the same way about you...
blonde-squad girl: huh?

me: nothing...
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by HawkinsAV_22 May 29, 2018
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A group of immensely sexy girls that all have a similarity of blonde hair. They are all amazing and tend to blind people with how beautiful they are. It's not easy being a part of blonde squad because people are always watching you, hoping to pick up or learn to be as amazing, sexy, perfect, as the blonde squad. Typically, blonde squad members are indefinitely gorgeous and can eat a bunch of food without putting on weight. On average, members eat 3 cookies a day and 2 bowls of pineapple.
Girl 1:"OMG, is that the blonde squad?"
Guy 2:"If they look perfect, amazing, and like they have a sense of humor , it totally is"
Girl 1:"I wish IIIII was part of the blonde squad"
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by blondeeeeeeeee December 14, 2017
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