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A small school that is located in East of Westchester (in Rye Brook), that is 95% white. Mostly consists of JAPs, and rich snobby people who have known each other forever and are extremely exclusive. Most people in Rye Brook are unoriginal, and looks identical.

Middle School is terrible because every weekend consists of bar or bat mitzvahs, and the next day everyone wears the same sweatshirts to boast how "popular" they are.
The JAPs are extremely skillful at not branching out and can be easily found in clusters wherever you go.

Additionally, everyone goes to the same sleep away camps over summers, then goes to teen tours...(but with the same people they went to camp with!)

High School is filled with overachievers, who get into good colleges through expensive tutoring.

Blind Brook people usually go to Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Syracuse, Penn State (everyone goes to the same schools, with the same friends, and continues there same life.....boring!)

If you wanna conform into this lifestyle, this is the place for you.
Oh she goes to Blind Brook ...ew she must be a JAP

Can't wait until I graduate Blind Brook ...the people here are like carbon copies of each other

Somebody got into Indiana? What a did 10 other kids from Blind Brook
by jewishamericanbitches March 28, 2013
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