A euphemism for sex, used a bit in a popular thread on the MegaTokyo messageboards by BozoCat, in the thread MT:tC of ph34r and b33r. Typically, BozoCat's character in the thread(which is a forum RPG), Nicholas, has used it a bit.
Sayt: "So, have you uh... Blender... With her yet?"

MS: "wait, WHAT?"

Sayt: "never mind."
by MS-9600UDLS May 22, 2009
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A Blender is the act of ramming one's fist up an asshole and twisting it around numerous times. Often creates a large amount of residue of various liquids and organ remains.
Me: "Dude, I just gave a chick a blender!"

Jeff: "Oh, that explains the smell and stains."
by RAMMNATION December 30, 2010
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An analogical term used to reference a symbolic "blender" that contains multiple "fruits". The "blender" symbolizes a theoretical pool of love while the fruits represent a person's multiple (or singular) love interests. The blender is a mixture of the different love-interests, whether they be real love or simply a vague attraction/crush, that a person might have. Often used when describing a complicated or frustrated love-life.
1. Who's in your blender?

2. I have several different fruits in my blender.

3. Elaine, Patricia, Jean, and Sarah were all in Dan's blender.

4. Girl: I have a pineapple, a mango, and a banana in my blender.
Friend: Oh really? Who's who?
Girl: The pineapple is Joe, the mango is Nolan, and the banana is Marcos.
by ThatDizzyLizzie December 21, 2008
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A mother who doesn't STFU, and is always constantly bitching about something or annoying you in someway or somehow. A mother who is constantly nagging about something or complains over and over non-stop about random BS.
Blender is going off again. MY blender is blendering. I am so sick of blender. Why does my blender always flip out and complain. I hate my blender.
by Stevie-Weevie October 30, 2010
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N. One who practises the art of blending a suck up, a brown nose to management
Brent is such a Blender!, Ang, Liz and Balk, are crap at blending.
by Pastey January 29, 2003
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Awesome, Amazing, Radical; all at once.
Wow, this boba tea is really blender.
by jordyaudy April 17, 2010
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When your buddy is giving you the good lovin and he hammers on your rim so hard and fast that it turns your poo to liquid.
Yeah man, Derek just gave me a blender and now I have massive diarrhea. Of, course, thats why I always have massive diarrhea. I hope Tracy doesn't notice the stain in my pants. She always gets pissed when Derek hits me with the BLENDER!
See also, jewdapp and hodapp.
by Sameer Butter Lover January 18, 2006
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