Bleeding Heart"A person who is considered excessively sympathetic toward those who claim to be underprivileged or exploited."

Liberal"Of, relating to, or characteristic of liberalism."

Liberalism" A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority."

So from this, we can gather that a "bleeding heart liberal" is an individual that aligns themselves with the Liberal party(aka left), and is particularly sympathetic to the underprivileged class. Oftentimes this phrase is misused to denote any far-left individual. Ironically, some far-leftist are anything but liberals at all, but most have some bleeding heart tenancies.
"That bleeding heart liberal jury let a rapist go with six years in an institution."

"The Governor got re-elected by pushing his bleeding heart liberal views, and got the sway vote from the lower-class."
by Vigilantism July 13, 2008
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A person whose political view lies generally along the lines of the founding fathers, in that they believe that what unites Americans is a love of freedom, and they tend to vote that way. They prefer to allow others to believe as they like, since this is what the country is founded on, and generally resist any effort to remove rights simply because of who someone is, such as gay, or black, or poor. They believe in the ideal of ‘treating your neighbor as you would like to be treated’, believe that we all have a certain responsibility to support each other, rather than corporations, and believe that the safety and dreams of people come before the earnings of CEO’s. They believe that everyone’s point of view has something to contribute to our political discourse.
Who does that person think they are, supporting gay marriage? Do they think that people actually have rights? They must be a Bleeding Heart Liberal.
by Jefferson101 April 12, 2011
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an individual and idealist who at times espouses very reasonable, perhaps even thoughtful, political inclinations but whose lack of character and unsubstantiated smugness make any discourse they may embrace largely unpalatable to any self-respecting citizen.
Self-respecting citizen #1 "Well, I half agree with Tom (a bleeding-heart liberal) on that one. But Jesus, I just can't get over him wafting his own farts towards his nose like that."

Self-respecting citizen #2 "You know, i thought that was slightly odd too...."
by iamthedawgthebigbaddawg January 12, 2011
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A democrat or political left-winger(2 different things) who tends to be subjective in their political views. Political subjectiveness is ok to some degree, but I think that some people tend to get carried away or be unrealistic. These types are somewhat of sore to American society, but on the other hand help balance out crazy redneck or bureaucrat conservatives. Both could be done without in the end because of their serious bias on everything that ever happens.

There are few types of people who fall into this group:
1.Activists-the troublemakers who are
violent and crazy but try to cover up by pretending that their motives are moral.

2:Stoners-people who have taken a lot of time to think through where they stand politically, and realize that violence is an ineffective way to reach their goal, even if the establishment is refusing to listen to them. These people think Bush is a terrible president, and give logical reasons.

3:Metalheads-people who have taken a lot of time to think through where they stand politically, but are too carefree to do anything more than write music about it. Also, they are pessimistic and feel they will never change anything. This group also has logical reasons for hating Bush, such as the fact that the only Iraqis killed by Sadam were rebels who were trying to assassinate HIM.

4.Nobodies-people who really have none of their own views, but will make themselves think they believe in anything that is popular. Once they have a cause in mind, they will gather any evidence, without even thinking through it enough to realize it doesnt make any real sense. This group is very anti-Bush, but cannot give logical reasons why he is a bad president, such as the fact that he has a Texas accent(No shit. How is that a problem?)

Bleeding-heart liberal, or bleeding ass liberal is usually used by right-wing conservatives to refer to any and all democrats or liberals.
Middle-roaders like me use it for any person who thinks only about the benifit of individuals rather than society as a whole. In other words the kind of person who believes that we must not leave anyone behind, even if helping them would be a drag one the whole group. Someone who not only believes that, but will not waver on it no matter what, that is a bleeding heart-liberal.
These examples are simplified because a realistic example would take to long to think of and type. Enjoy.

Bussinessman A: We just bought out that from Georgia, so we can finally expand our bussiness to the rest of the US.
Bussinessman B: We still got to watch out, before we know it the bleeding-heart liberals will be on our ass calling us a monopoly. You saw what happened with Bell Atlantic.

Redneck: That rabbit threatened ta kill my family, and the only thing keepin` me from shootin` the li`l terrorist is them damn bleedin` heart liberals.

(note that not all rednecks are crazy like that.)
by tanukisanyo May 8, 2005
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