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Live In The Motherfucking Moment. This phrase is used for those are too busy taking photos or videos a concert instead of actually jamming to the artist's beats.
Yo Cassie you've taken like a million photos, LITMMO and actually jam to Skrillex dropping this beat!
by Childish Bambino March 30, 2017

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when you and your bro are about to part ways forever
Well bro, it's been fun being your roommate all of college man. Well we got to rage one last time to celebrate the end of an era!
by Childish Bambino November 13, 2017

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A reference from Harry Potter for having the ability to talk to snakes. This reference is used when someone has mastered the art of not just giving a good blowjob, but giving the best blowjob ever!
Man, Becky legitimately gave the best head ever! I don't know how she made my head spin like that, but damn she must've known parseltongue.
by Childish Bambino December 06, 2018

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a theory that a man, no matter how unattractive he may seem at first, he will eventually look beautiful to you if you see him every day all day.

Based on the theory that sailors used to spend months at sea and started to slowly see manatees turn into mermen.
Alexa: omg Cody is kind of a badass.

Anya: Are you nuts?! He's no Khal Drogo or Jason Mamoa. It's probably just Merman Theory. You guys work every shift together at the hospital.
by Childish Bambino October 20, 2018

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When a guy's best friend (typically a man) is still so close to the guy while he has had a girlfriend for a while that he has to be just as tentative to his friend. Often this friend ends up making the girlfriend the 3rd wheel when we go out
I swear Trent and I were having such a great time at the mall until his 2nd girlfriend made me the third wheel when they started talking about fantasy football
by Childish Bambino October 11, 2018

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your list of matches and suitors on tinder, bumble, and dating apps in general. it's similar to having a rolodex at work, but for your hos and booty calls.
Bruh, the holidays are the best time of year for building up your HO-lodex. Chicks be thirsty for that D.
by Childish Bambino December 17, 2018

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one who obsessively stalks profiles on social media, especially facebook and instagram
Ted: damn, bro, I just saw that my ex liked a photo from page 10 of my pictures!!!
Greg: hah, what a scrub, looks like she's quite the profile prowler.
by Childish Bambino May 01, 2019

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