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An Emcee out of the suburbs of south london. Recently Realesed an album called, "The Orracle Of Blazah" You know you wana buy it.
MC Blazah Rocks. The Orracle Of Blazah is the best album out by far!
by Skyhawk February 03, 2005
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A form of onomatopoeia. Often used when referring to the noise a cat (or feline of any sort) makes when falling from a train moving at 66 miles per hour headed for San Fransico.
Pete: "Hey Chuck, what's up?"
Chuck: "I dunno...."
*suddenly* Feline: "BLAZAH!"
Pete: "Woah! What the hell was that?"
Chuck: "I dunno, but it sounded like a cat falling from a train running at 66 miles per hour headed for Boston."
Pete: "Noo.... more like San Fransico."
Chuck: "Yeah,you're right. What was I thinking?"
by Stephen King October 21, 2003
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Feeling blah-like, yucky, run down, or on the verge of just being in existence.
I feel so blazah today, I just can't seem to get it together.
by seahunter February 03, 2009
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