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Exclamation of an emotion for some event, that may be negative or positive. Useage should be obvious in the context of the situation.

Also, used by singer 'Ciara' in her song of the same title. The song, partly about guns and sex, includes such lyrics as those listed below.

(Non-urban definition: Dutch word for blue (i.e. the colour).
Ciara - Blauw lyrics:

"Blauw .. Oh Yeah,
Rock That, Oh Yeah."

"Blauw, I Wanna See The Gun,
Can You Put Me On A Run."


"Make That Thing Go Blauw."
by Majesty26 May 09, 2010
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To discribe an action. It can either be good or bad.
Bad-I was like blauw when i hit the back of that car.
Good- I was like blauw when I hit that person up for money and they gave me some.
by trever July 26, 2004
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a word that can be used at anytime, anywhere.
"So I heard you lost your job. That's terribleBLAUW!!!!!!!"
by Patty O'Brien June 17, 2004
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