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When trying to call someone a bloody bastard and your thick head can tell your mouth quick enough to get it out correctly and says Blastard instead.
You fucking bloody blastard innit!!
by Blastard April 21, 2019
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One who blares rap music at full volume with all windows open in his car, much to the annoyance of anyone else in a 30-foot radius.

Often two blastards will get into a volume war with their music, leading to a horrid-sounding mishmash of rap beats and cuss words that you can't keep from assaulting your ears even if you close your windows.
My drive from Atlanta to Orlando was plagued by the presence of a blastard that stuck by me on the highway the whole time. Now there's 8 hours I can't get the fuck back.
by FrackLuke March 16, 2013
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the actual meaning of blastard is in fact a person who is both a bastard and one who is black
"quit being such a blastard and help me make dinner"
by King charlez June 24, 2009
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Ay, we was hoopin down at the park, right, and then some blastard gonna steal my ball, man! I couldn't believe that shit.
by chickenfries0101 August 15, 2007
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bastardization of the pronunciation of blue blooded bastards.
As overheard in Batavia IL "Those blue blooded blastards..."
Response "did you just say blastard?"..."Yeah, I did but it works don't it?"
by Audrey Farber March 16, 2008
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