Cool, calm, and charming to boot! This guy is sensitive and shy but very smart. He is very romantic and is a one girl kind of guy.
I wish all guys were as sweet as Blane!
by someone who knows Blane February 12, 2010
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An amazing boyfriend who is always there for you no matter what. hes sweet kind, and always puts you before himself. He also has a very big dick, and is wounderful at sex.
by meowp November 21, 2012
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one of the best people you will ever meet

someone who will brighten your day with just a flash of their smile or the sound of their voice. someone who is always there for you and always making you laugh. when othe friends blow you off this is always the one to show up, and you're glad that is them instead of anyone else. someone you would be overjoyed to have i. your life.💛
it's BLANE not "BLAINE"
by bananapants876 September 21, 2018
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Similar to the gaming term 'Owned', but most commonly relative to the head area, such as a headshot.
John, 'Oh my God!'
Sam, 'What?'

John, 'I just blaned that Noob.'
by Franky33 November 17, 2010
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Wow, he just crashed into the back of a Porsche. He blanes.
by purplerustmachine January 19, 2008
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Ay, mate! That blane can't tell Christmas from Bourke street!
by sirEltonJohn January 22, 2005
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A guy who seems sweet but just turns out to be stupid and a total jerk. He is unworthy of everything and doesn't deserve anything better than to be alone for the rest of his life. He is a home wrecker, heart breaker and just a ruins everything in general. Someone no one can stand to date or be around because he is such a jerk
Sarah:"God, that guy is such an asshole!!"
Brittney: "I'm guessing his name must be Blane. All Blane's are assholes"
by Charmer March 11, 2013
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