Blandon...this man is a living legend. The only man who can get a half pound of nugs for 45 dollars. Blandon Paulus is all things $v337. He is a master klepto and master li@4, but still incredibly leet and funny. Do somethin.
Damn, all my mother's jewelry is missing and I found a half pound of nugs in my bed, and forty five dollars missing from my wallet...Blandon has struck again.
by |34i77 June 13, 2004
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A nickname for boring guys called Landon
Man, Blandon is being the life of the party again. Vibes are so low right now
by Dozza13 May 03, 2018
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Blandon is a geek. He is always playing video games, hanging out, and being goofy. If you find yourself your a Blandon be prepared for being ignored and non appreciated. He will ignore you and hang out with his friends and when he is lovey dovey he will only do it in private.
God I can't believe you! Your such a Blandon!
by RespectThe_Drip KAREN November 26, 2019
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A dumb closeted faggot he’s deaf he’s sped he’s ugly as shit suck at any sport he tries to play and gets no girls
Bland blandon blandon holy shit your deaf
by Gayehxbsmwmrn June 15, 2020
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