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A state of being when your fucking stoned beyond reason... Things that will provoke blaring are: 80's Heavy Metal; Helloween, King Diamond, The big 4, Maiden etc... Horror films produce some good image Blair. When I Idle Blair... Blaring while doing nothing. I imagine a great blue pattern against a black void.
Dude... I'm fucking Blairing!

The Solo in Metallicas Ride the lightning, It was Blairing...
by Sir Hoovington January 03, 2010
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The act of completely ignoring someone and ridding them from your life for a period of time. Often occurs when things get too awkward or too serious in a relationship. The verb is to Blair
Wow, you are completely blairing him. What did he do to upset you?
by Samberson April 04, 2010
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When a girl is wearing a low-cut shirt and purposefully bends over in front of you, practically begging for you to look at her tits, but she tries to play it off like nothing has happened. Usually done in an effort to attract attention. Derived from the last name of a former secretary of the Columbus Clippers.
Office productivity may be at an all-time high since that ditzy secretary left, but I sure do miss the daily blairings.
by Mr. Armageddon February 08, 2007
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