The day before Thanksgiving. This Wednesday is the biggest bar night of the year, therefore you should get blacked out. No one has work or class the next day, so there are NO EXCUSES.
Absolutely, this Blackout Wednesday is going to be epic.
by mark brochez November 21, 2010
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The night before Thanksgiving where you're legally required to indulge in several handles of jaeger.
Unknown boozer 1: "Buddy this next blackout wednesday we're running minimum 10 games of jaeger mouth with the boys"
Unknown boozer 2: We can't stop playing until everybody has their clothes off.
by Fields > Burrow November 6, 2023
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Blackout Wednesday or Black Wed. Celebrated on November 22nd everywhere but Chicago where most most college students return from college, an average black out party. Sub par at best.
Wow Blackout Wednesday was so okay!
by UrMomsEpidermus November 27, 2018
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Any Wednesday where one chooses to get blackout drunk
bro, I got so Blackout Wednesday ‘d last week.
by ColdBananaHammock December 8, 2018
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Black out Wednesday or Black Wed. Is usually November 22nd a day in CHICAGO where most college students return home from college ; the Biggest Party Day of the Year .
I am getting so drunk with that skank on blackout Wednesday.
by jimmy nuetr November 22, 2006
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