'Blacka' is afgeleid van het Engelse woord 'black' en wordt meestal door kaukasische mensen gebruikt om een donker iemand te benoemen. Het is een koosnaam met een scherp randje. Sommigen hanteren een variatie: 'blackalacka'.
Check die blacka, hij eet een banaantje!
Voor wie rent die blacka nu weg?
Die blacka doet iets wat niet mag.
Die shit is blackalacka.
by Ansje January 25, 2015
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Combines "Black" with "Cracka". Blacka is a black guy that acts like a white prep. Opposite of "wigger".
by Mr. Hat August 23, 2005
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ok, ya know how the "nigga" means a dude of color, and "wigga" means a white dude trying to be black. Well the word "cracka" is what blacks call whites, so "blacka" must mean a black dude who wants to be white.
"jacko aint no blacka..." yup that just sounds terrible...
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damn i gotta blacka like a wozzeck
by neb and jeb February 10, 2003
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A portmanteau of "black" and "cracka"

A person who is either mixed between black and white, or a fully black person who was raised in suburban culture (thus "acting white"). Similar terms include oreo, hoodbilly, and an "Obama".
"There goes that white boy Mumu."

"He's not white, he's a blacka."
by milkyclouds July 17, 2020
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Another word for black

Often used a lot when going Blacka Mode

Or it can replace other words during a sentence
Dude stop being so blacka
“Ow my head hurts from being blacka”

“he became blacka”
by TCT August 27, 2021
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