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Being inundated and exhausted trying to be on top of all your email 24/7 with your handheld mobile device
Now that I have a BlackBerry, I feel obliged to attend to all my email day and night, it makes me feel BlackBuried
by abbayyo March 11, 2009
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When a person has full and constant focus on their Blackberry, cell phone or wireless device, especially in social settings, as to have their "nose buried into" something. Behavior is generally noticed as rude, impersonal and impolite.
"I'd have tried to work it with that chick, but I couldn't get her attention- that slag was Black-buried all night long."
by gooseisdead May 22, 2010
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to be inundated with email/voicemail/text on your mobile device.
Steven: "Dude, let's go. The movie starts in 20 minutes."

Alan: "Sorry, man. It's not even 1:00pm and I am already Blackburied!"
by BoquillasKid May 11, 2009
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