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Also known as Thanksgiving. The process of greedy retailers moving their formerly Black Friday sales to late Thanksgiving night to sell their useless Christmas Junk.

These greedy money tycoons are using the customers as the premise of ruining one greatest American traditions by telling us we would rather stay up late and shop on the Holiday, than get up early early and shop the next day.

Requiring employees of said institutions to miss out on family gatherings and football, to go chase some corporate fatcat's almighty bottom line
Dad: Why are you crying honey, dinner was perfect.
Mom: I am crying cause Dan missed his first Thanksgiving dinner ever, cause that stupid money-grubbing corporation turned Black Friday into Black Thursday.
by Crimson X November 21, 2011
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The day before black friday where people camp outside of stores and get drunk or high. They often try stealing stuff from the stores or other people camping out before hand.
On black thursday I saw people getting drunk outside of bj's warehouse.
by thebesturbandictionaryuser1234 November 24, 2011
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when a group of white girls hook up with a group of black guys
Remember that Black Thursday when all dem cracka bitches brought those black dudes hizome?
by white Z December 15, 2008
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1. The day before Black Friday where retailers start their sales early so they can get a bit more money.
2. The day of Thursday, October 24, 1929, when stock prices began to drop at an increasing rate. It was the first day of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that marked the beginning of the Great Depression.
1. I saw a commercial for Black Thursday sales at Macy's earlier, although they still called them Black Friday sales.
2. Black Thursday saw stock prices fall dramatically, foreshadowing the panic that would ensue just five days later on Black Tuesday.
by Titanicguy May 12, 2018
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