Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

This is the day that the DOW Jones Industrial Average fell over 4% to close below 8000 at 7949.09. It had reached a high of 14167 in October of 2007.

It is widely believed to be related to the enaguration of Barak Obama, the first black President of the United States of America. Many workers took an Obama Day. Others simply lost money in the market due to those taking Obama Days.

It is a date which will live in infamy. We will all remember Black Tuesday, and perhaps tell our grandchildren of a time when we let this happen to ourselves.
I just lost $40,000 of my retirement fund in one day. Fuck Black Tuesday.

Cop: Breaker Breaker we have a 1488
Dispatcher: a 1488?
Cop: a 1488, a black man trying to move into the white house
Dispatcher: its just Black Tuesday
by Harlot Field January 21, 2009
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November Second, 2004-- the day America's Democracy died
Due to massive voter suppression and electoral fraud, Bushler stole the election on Black Tuesday.
by Ian December 08, 2004
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Something completely void of humor

a) The UPN sitcom line-up

b) The 1929 Stock Market crash that began the Great Depression.
I had to get really drunk to find anything funny about Black Tuesday.
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004
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4 days after every friday when the black people have already spent all of their welfare checks, and complain about economic downturn.
Hey man you got money for some MD 20/20?

Nah Man is black tuesday. I'm broke
by JB8996 August 12, 2010
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A phrase used to describe what guilty white people decided to call activism when in reality they did not want to bother to help in any way that actually takes any effort. If you planned on taking real action that could actually help, and you did not want to take part in an Instagram challenge, then you did not take part in blackout Tuesday.
Bro 1: Do you even care about black lives?
Bro 2: What do you mean? I ended racism upon taking part in Black Out Tuesday when I posted that black Instagram square.
by Humble McChungus June 06, 2020
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