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The Black Dahlia was a terrible unsolved crime. It was the murder of a young woman named Elizabeth Short. She fell in love with a soldier, who died. To get over her loss, she went drinking and also started seeing other men. She becamse known as "easy". One day she was found severly dismembered. Her mouth was cut up to her ears to keep a "smile" on her face. She was cut up all over her body and sliced in half from the waist. Grass was shoved up her vagina. She was posed with her legs spread open and her arms above her shoulders.

This has become one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time.
"What was the greatest crime of all time?"

"the black dahlia"
by WR3CK July 10, 2008
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the most infamous murder case ever thought to be solved by many people confessing but none can be proven
Scott says: Hey heard of the Black Dahlia
Dare: Yea its infamous
by Scooter Barn August 30, 2006
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