1)Kreed a really hot guy... Great in bed. Funny and intelligent Kreeds love to please and will stand by the friends and loved ones till they die.

3) A sex god
Stef- who's he?
Angel- must be a Kreed!
by Zooplankton August 20, 2013
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1) A sex god
2) A badass name
3) Kreeds are a seductive bunch. They love sex and they care deeply about people they care about
He must be a Kreed
by Carol reef August 20, 2013
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A phrase coined by two young men in Northeast Ohio, which refers to the line "That that that that don't kill me can only make me stronger" in the Kanye West song "stronger". Followers of the kreed believe in just that, and whenever faced with a fearful or dangerous situation draw on the quote for strength and courage.
When Brett was afraid to go on the very large rollarcoaster for fear he might die, Michael shouted "Kanye Kreed" and by doing so gave Brett the courage to ride it.
by Brett Bishop June 13, 2008
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when you do something so achievable and recognizable

mainly used in the discord server 2009cord (discord.gg/cancer) when someone does something remarkable
Haha! That Streamer Got So Mad!
Joeyy, You Are Kreeding So Hard Right Now!
by JoeyyGotGlow July 18, 2022
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