In many circles, BKA stands for Burger King Adventure. This can be any trip to Burger King, but is usually a dedicated mission to an inconvenient location.
Me and Sean are going on a BKA tonight, want to join?
by Sean "Leechy Lo" Kingston August 20, 2011
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it means better know as and it came from aka
by I forget January 4, 2005
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BKA - "Burger King Addiction".

Simply Put its an abbreviation: Can describe someone chowing down in a Burger King Restaurant or the action of craving Burger King.
I have serious BKA- I'm SOOOOO hungry.
by truestory88 November 11, 2010
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B.lood K.iller A.lwayz = B.K.A
a cuhz you know we stay bka fasho cuhzzo cfl
by James Holmes June 5, 2006
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