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A term used (especially by Ohio State football fans) to describe that nasty university up north in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The Bitchigan Wolverines sure do suck this season.
by MyNameIsKevin June 27, 2005
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term used by looser ohio state kids to describe their rival Michigan wolverines, well, don't all you ohio state kids wish that you could have ranking as high as Michigan?
dream on
I hate people with phd (poser hating degrees) won't kick our asses for saying shizzle like bitchigan
by UMichRepresent November 06, 2005
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A term used by students in an abnormally large special ed college in ohio to refer to one of the best schools in the country.
OSU: derrr i got an 1100 on my SATs. i want to work at mcdonalds when i grow up.
UofM: i got a 1500. ive already started 2 companies.
OSU: *drools and touches crotch* you go to bitchigan.
UofM: witty. enjoy your chewing tobacco.
by mydaddybeatmethenleftme September 26, 2007
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a person coming from upper peninsula Michigan
always saying there better and always bitching about lower peninsula
a pfc hill comes to mind he is from bitchigan
by bad ass motherfucker September 22, 2008
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