a computer virus that comes from watching porn
Man, all that lesbian porn Ziggy was watchin gave me a bitch glitch on my mac!
by KittyKatBigBoi December 4, 2008
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When a woman is having her time if the month attitude.
Dave: Man why is Becky treating me like this.

Frank: Don't mind that thot, she just on her bitch glitch.

Or : When she won't let you get your fix. she just be on her bitch glitch. All bloody and shit. You know nature's gift. Won't let you fuck cuz the time of month
by Dr giggles licker August 31, 2020
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The universal moment of pure innocent dumbassery that occasionally visits even the brightest of us.
“…and that’s why pineapple belongs on pizza.”
“Damn, I think that was just a dumb bitch glitch.”
“Definitely a dumb bitch glitch.”
by ILearnedThisFromExperience October 11, 2021
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No matter what your "mob" has carefully, flaw-free, organized she is the one person to find a glitch which sadly in the end dismantles their great, wicked plan.
"After a game of duck, duck, goose they realized they had sadly mistaken the duck- A Glitch Bitch which in turn was an adopted Mother Goose..."
by LocoInLA March 26, 2014
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this bitch antisepticeye who wants to ruin peoples lives and kill us all
glitch bitch is back at it again

the glitch bitch will kill us all
by hlhlflsjsbdb August 3, 2017
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1. Someone who takes advantage of a glitch in a game's software to defeat an opponent.

2. One who executes the same move repeatedly in a video game in order to defeat an opponent or gain points etc.

3. Someone who repeatedly exploits a weakness in a system to their own usually massive advantage.
Riley is a great gamer, but he got stomped by that little glitch bitch he was playing.

The software is weak and open to exploit by any simple glitch bitch who comes along.

Mutual fund glitch bitches were purchasing stale funds after hours in order to make massive profits at the expense of ordinary investors.
by rxdx October 22, 2006
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this bitch antisepticeye who thinks its a good idea to ruin peoples lives
glitch bitch back at it again

glitch bitch is here to kill us all
by hjgjgjfjjf August 3, 2017
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