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When somebody barrages you with whinings and bitchings of their lives (when usually they lead charmed existences) through IM, phone, in person(if they literally run), usually leaving you very sick and tired of said person and ready to bite their heads off, when they suddenly find an excuse to leave or they just leave, not allowing you to use the witty rebuttal you've had building up inside you.
Rich Bitch: Holy crap, my dad won't buy me a Porshe, he's getting me a BMW instead. FML! Why doesn't anyone love me? My boyfriend only buys me jewelry once a month! I only have an A- in all my classes! My dad lowered my allowance to 100 bucks a week! I should kill myself and... Oh snap, gotta go.

Normal Person: God damn it! I wanted to tell her how much of a bitch she is. Guess its just another Bitch and Run...
by pissedoffdude123 November 27, 2009
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Similar to the baseball play Hit and Run, but where someone, generally a female, hits you with every emotional and physical problem, whines, bitches, etc. and expects full sympathy, but doesn't listen to what anyone else has to say or how stupid she sounds, and runs away before anyone else can speak, generally to the next group of friends.

A large problem indeed.
Jenny: Fuck my life, john says i complain too much, like I hate everything right now, not even funny. Like my tits are flat, i'm fat, daddy says I can't get his Mercedes, I don't get paid enough(etc.)

Mike: But y..*Jenny runs off*

Chris: talk about bitch and run, legit john needs to be done with her.
by Vekkk August 08, 2011
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