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A vicious kind of guy (a devil) who likes to fuck everyone's brain out with his peculiar way of talking and speedy insults. People usually become alert when a Biswa is around in order to avoid a conversation where they'll end their brains getting rattled and image publicly skanked.
Guy 1: Hey man, what's up with this guy Jamie, the hood's newbie?
Guy 2: Jeez man, don't ask, he's totally a Biswa. Last night, he ripped off Eddie in a battle of words.
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by ItsOttalikaBitch September 05, 2017
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n. 1. A beautiful man, both inside and out, has a wonderful smile (with lipstick on one's own wedding) to cheer anybody up.

2. Jon Snow

v. Procrastinate everything except ingeston validated by flatus expelled through the end of gastrointestinal tract.

ad. When one ruins a good conversation, by saying "yo" excessively to the point where the listener (unaware of Honey Singh) has to question whether the speaker is talking in english or ebonics or both or none.
Every girl needs a Biswas in her life to make her happy.

'Have you talked to Biswas regarding these issues at home?'
'No! He is Biswas.'

It's really urgent! Please don't do the usual Biswas to it.

I was really into this guy but after a point in the conversation he Biswased it and I lost all interest.
by the_fulminating_wife October 20, 2016
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