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A lovely slang for "bitch"; and is not meant to be used with hate. Coined and popularized by Youtuber Stephanie Soo / Missmangobutt
"Biss! let me tell you what happened earlier at Wholefoods."
"Guess where I'm at bisses? Yes! That's right! TARGET!"
"My biss Stephanie deserves 1 million subscribers. If you're reading this, go subscribe."
by zeniamrah January 21, 2019
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To contol someone via a combination of sexual manipulation, superior social status, and subtle insult.
"My girlfriend totally bissed me into getting some new clothes."
by TajUK January 16, 2007
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Butt-piss. Sometimes an unintended, humorous side-effect of gay anal sex. Anal leakage.
Is that shit on my bedsheets?!
No. It's biss.
What's that?
Umm, butt piss.
by Popingay June 06, 2010
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to accidently email an unintended large group of people instead of replying to a single recipient.
"why did you reply to all?" "jeez kid, you really pulled a biss."
by chillchillchillkid June 21, 2006
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A euphimism for the word "bitch" used in a playful/jocular manner; almost interchangeable with terms such as "loser" and "tard". It's origin lies in an incorrect interpretation of Dave Chapelle's high-pitched pronounciation of the word "bitch". As an adjective "biss" becomes "bissy" and gives the connotation of being temporarily annoying, uncooperative, or apathetic.
Ila: Hey you biss what's up?
Draenei Shaman: ZOMG! are you calling me a biss..all of my friends were being such bisses at school today. I hope they burn in an unmitigated raging eternal fire.
Ila: Yeah, me too...I like raging eternal fires, they're "hot" and sexy..get it..hah >_>. Anyways, I g2g, bye biss.
Draenei Shaman: Bye you bigger biss.

Draenei Shaman: Why were you being so effing bissy yesterday?
Ila: Well my mom told me I was on too much so I became a bit emo and started to cut myself.
by Draenei Priest May 29, 2007
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