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A loud competitive person, always scream at when they lose, and are sort of moody when there not winning but always screaming and or bark very loudly whenever they win or score during a sport. Also known as the Dushbag or Dushlord of the team. They are ball hogs and try NOT to shared. Biscuit Dogs are found anywhere sports are the YMCA (the gym), ON A SPORT FIELD, OR EVEN IN YOUR GYM CLASS!!! -____-

*** Saying for Biscuit Dog ***

"Biscuit dog going for the win!!"


"Biscuit dog servin the win!!"

" Aww poor Biscuit Dog ....." (only use if they lose)
When someone win or scores then starts to scream and or bark happily but when they lose they get mad and also scream O.o

They're very arrogant and annoying and the only way you find them normal is if you are a Biscuit Dog yourself
which you can get some professional help for instead of taking it out on other people or sport games
by Word Makers!!! Mirko December 05, 2011
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