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the icon of marrige. the "goodess" equivalent to a saint; pretty yet charming, strong romance and will and at heart. The story of her marrige became a romantic legend. She had a lot of sons and daughters. She is said to have died as so called "Juliet" did, sacrificing her life toward her husband.
"Birute" couldn't wait to get married.
by zx222 May 10, 2009
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this girl not only is really attractive as in the look wise(thick in the chest, hips, butt, legs, slim waist), shorter, no kids, independent, good cook, cleans youre place without even asking just offers, clean, having a lot in common with that girl, fun, outgoing, sweet, nice, loyal, faithful, honest, good in bed in all aspects, playful, listens, respectful, has her own spot, has her own car, nice paying job, educated, communications on point, the girl you would give up being a player and put that ring on her finger.
damn, Birute is a dream girl.
by N2rtD4 November 23, 2012
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