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A womans vagina... an everyday goal for drunken college dudes...the stinky pink between the female legs.... sometimes known as "the holy region"...
Man Bob, I sure would love to pound that birthhole.....
Gee Scotty, I wonder if her birthhole region is bald or bushy...
I asked Patrice if I could do her in her bung hole but she said no, only my birthhole...
by Matt Z October 09, 2004
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The place that fags/butt pirates/rump ranger/bum ninja/fudge packer/ralph nader voters/portland/san fransisco residents avoid, except while shopping with fag hags, and then only to watch them model plus-sized stretch pants.
George W. Bush and all true American males like to plunder the birthhole, unlike grab-ass faggots like Osama bin Laden and Jacque Chirac, who prefer bum-licking.
by Ryan Lavaca December 18, 2004
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one who is extremely exotic, one who flops boats at will, one who wins scratch-offs any time he chooses to do so, or one who chuckles uncontrollably.
The Birthhole chuckled as he flopped a boat.
by michael bean July 02, 2006
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