In the US Air Force the eyeglasses issued are thick, black-horned-rimmed eyeglasses that are so ugly, they make the person wearing them equally unappealing to the opposite sex, so there is virtually no danger of them impregnating or getting impregnated.
I was in Air Force basic training when they issued me my birth control glasses.
by Smokey March 4, 2005
Optical wear that virtually guaranties that NOBODY will ever f*ck you.
Ouch! Check out the bitch in the BCs!!!
by Davy March 21, 2004
glasses worn by men or women, usually huge and bulky, that usually serve as a deterrent for sexual advances. could have the opposite effect for those that like the brainy look.
The girl at the party looked really hot with her heels, short skirt, and birth-control glasses.
by angelique clark August 9, 2006